Cycling Vinodol Valley

In Vinodol there is over 300 km of marked cycling routes which extend from the sea, over Vinodol, all the way to the woodland area. There are in all six routes, and each one of them has its own name and colour. They differ in complexity, length and level of ascent.

The easiest one is the Blue route, a recreative route which is 38 km long, and its highest point is at an altitude of 250 m. With its ascent of up to 912 m above sea-level, the Green route, or the so-called Sport route, is the hardest one to conquer.

The Brown route is circular in form and the Crimson route is the so-called Route of Lilies. Besides those, there are also Violet route or the Route of Viols and the Yellow route, or the Route with a View. All cycling routes pass through the beautiful, intact nature of Vinodol and its forest-hinterland.

Every cyclist will enjoy the ride through Vinodol, no matter which path they choose.