The Trail of stone steps or the story of old paths of grapes, figs and salt

The Trail of Stone steps is a revived old trail passing through the Klamaruša hill,overhanging the Baretići village near Grižane,which used to be one of the link between woodland areas and ihabited settlements.

The trail is surrounded by beautiful scenery and natural and cultural-historical monuments(sacral buildings,a hill fort) It is a circular trail which begins and ends in the centre of Grižane.About 10 km long,380 meters above the sea level,with over 1300 carved stone steps,has both tourist and recreational function, and each visitor who passed it will learn some interesting stories from recent history,when it was the main link between woodland areas and small settlements in the Vinodol valley
Along with other trails in this area,it used to serve in the Second word war for carrying grapes,figs and cherries,as well as salt,which were than traded  for corn and potatoes in Gorski kotar.

The trail  enters the village of Gobići,the birthplace of the famous Croatian miniaturist painter Julije Klović, also known as the Michelangelo of miniature painting. It rises to the cutting of the Klamaruša hill,where two attractive caves are located:The upper and the lower Karlova peć.

The trail comes out at the very top of the mountain,at about 600 meters above sea level.Here it follows the existing hiking trail of Litica in the direction of the Pridva Belvedere. From this point,it returns to Grižane,the first stop of this recreational-educational field trip.

Equipment: appropriate clothing for hiking, hobnailed shoes, sticks, refreshments, sufficient water
Trail: medium heavy, in some places narrow and rocky – take the sticks!
Walking distance: 10 km- about 5 hours

There are seven marked trails:

1.WAVES’ TRAIL – a coastal trail which expands from Novi Vinodolski to Jadranovo

2.ROCKY GROUND AND SAGE TRAIL – a trail expanding from Novi Vinodolski over the first mountainous ridge of St. George, Drenin, Raven’s Rock, Sopalj, all the way to Jadranovo

3.CLIFFS’ TRAIL – stretching from Vinište over the hill-fort of Ledenice along the cliffs of Vinodol, all the way to Zebar located over Drivenik

4.GREEN TRAIL – stretching from Luka Krmpotska over the mountain peaks of Rujnik, Sitovnik, Zagrad’s Peak, Kancul’s Head to Medviđak

5.HEAVENLY TRAIL – stretching from Luka Krmpotska over the highest peaks of this area to Medviđak

6.DEGENIA’S TRAIL – stretching from Sibinje through Vodna draga to Kozica

7.THE TRAIL OF ROMANS – stretching from Crikvenica to Čandrli behind Drivenik; it mainly follows the flow of Dubračina