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Room Description

This fairytale one bedroom villa with a private pool is accessed by an uphill road into a private driveway. Away from the crowds and noise of the busy town, this private oasis of silence is ideal for a couple searching for romantic holiday.

Situated within its own beautiful 1.300 m² estate (encorporated on a larger 5000 m² estate), this fairytale one bedroom villa combines the best of traditional and modern comforts. It has been completely renovated, carefully retaining the original thick stone walls and traditional beam ceilings.

Practically designed and cheerfully furnished, the villa has everything you will need for your holiday, including your exclusive circular sea facing pool with a sundeck terrace and a marquee with a grill .

During the renovation of the house, built in late 19. century, we were led by the vision to adapt the old authentic houses of that time (“stara primorska kuća” – old house from the region of Primorje) to the modern requirements of the 21. century.

The vineyards, lavenders and the olive grove were planted in 2008. All the shrubs and herbs that you can find in the gardens surrounding the house are at your disposal.

The outside dining area (with a grill) situated under a large marquee, right by a private pool is a perfect place to relax and enjoy the long summer evenings. It invites also to spend the hot hours of the day in the shade, refreshed by the sight of water, while enjoying an unimpaired view of the Adriatic Sea with the island of Krk on the horizon.

On the ground floor, the stairs separate the living room from the open kitchen and dinning room. These wooden stairs lead up to the bedroom with the breathtaking view overlooking the picturesque town of Selce, island of Krk and the Adriatic Sea. Both of the floors have their own bathrooms.

1. General Terms
Limited liability company for tourism and agronomy industry, Kuce kamene d.o.o., Crikvenica, Gornja draga 34, Croatia (in further text Owner) insures the accommodation service to the guest according to information available on web site www.adoral.hr, and also in accordance with the period and details of the confirmed reservation. Owner is not liable for force major conditions that cannot be anticipated or eliminated (natural disasters: earthquakes, floods, fires, droughts, wars, strikes, acts of terrorism and restrictions issued by the government: mobilization, ban to exit the country).

2. Reservations and payment
Inquires and reservations for accommodation can be made by e-mail, in writing or in person at Owner's reception. By confirming a reservation, the Guest confirms that he/she is aware of the General Terms and conditions of the accommodation services and fully comprehends and accepts these terms which are binding for both the Guest and Owner. Owner provides the contractor the appropriate promotional materials or program either in printed form or electronic form, presenting all relevant information regarding the trip. The Guest is obligated to provide any information which is required for the reservation process. A deposit is required for wherein the amount is determined by the method of payment. The remaining amount must be paid at the beginning of the service.

3. Sojourn tax
According to the Law on sojourn tax of the Republic of Croatia, the Guest is obligated to pay sojourn tax along with his/her payment for accommodation. Sojourn tax as regulated by the Law on sojourn tax of the Republic of Croatia amounts from 4,50 to 7,00 kn per person per day for adults. Adolescents from the age of 12 to just before their 18th birthdays are entitled to a 50% discount, while children under the age of 12 are exempted from paying sojourn tax. The final amount of the sojourn tax for a specific reservation is determined by the dates of the accommodation and is calculated according to these General Terms and payment of the final amount of the accommodation service. The reservation calculation will include the amount required for sojourn tax.

4. Rates
The price of the service includes the basic service as described in the price list for the accommodation unit and the reservation. Special services are those services which are not included in the base price of the accommodation (in the description of the accommodation unit or Price List/Rates marked "by request" or additional services that are available through prior notification and additional payment) and as such the Guest is obligated to pay for these services separately as indicated in our offer. Special services/requests must be made during the reservation process.

The service rates are listed in Euros. Owner reserves the right to change the listed rates. Owner guarantees the accommodation rate, which the Guest paid as a deposit for a specific reservation, listed in the calculation on the basis of which the deposit was paid. Should rate changes occur prior to the deposit being paid, Owner is obligated to inform the Guest of these changes. Both parties confirm that the Owner has the right to raise its rates, no later than 20 days prior to the beginning date of the accommodation service. Should the increase in the price of the paid reservation amount to more than 10 %, the Guest has the right to cancel his/her reservation and is also entitled to a refund without any additional compensation.

Should the number of people for the reserved accommodation unit exceed the number indicated on the documents (voucher), Owner has the right to withhold services for unannounced guests or allow all guests and request additional payment for unannounced travelers on the spot.

5. Categorization and service description
The accommodation units on offer are described according the official categorization of the competent institution, as well as based on the actual state of the unit at the time of the publication. The standards of the accommodation, food, services and the like in certain places and countries vary and are not subject to comparison. The information which the Guest receives at the point of sale does not bind Owner any more than the information posted on the web pages of www.adoral.hr or in the catalogue or other printed materials of Adoral.

6. Adoral’s obligations
Owner is responsible for providing services while respecting the rights and interests of guests in accordance with the traditions of the tourism industry. Owner will fulfill all the abovementioned obligations as described except in circumstances beyond its control (Article 2).

7. Obligations of the Guest
The Guest is obligated to: • have valid travel documentation • abide by house rules of the accommodation units • give the document which confirms payment of service, (the Voucher received by e-mail), to the course representative upon arrival

If the Guest does not follow these regulations, he/she will be held responsible for any expenses or damages. By confirming a reservation, the Guest is obligated to pay the service provider on the spot for any damage(s) he/she may have caused.

8. The Guest's right to changes and cancellations
In the event that the Guest wishes to change or cancel a reservation by the Guest himself/herself; he/she must do so in writing (by e-mail or fax). Changes can refer to the number of guests or the names of the guests, the date of the commencement and/or end date of the service and must be made no later than 30 days prior to the beginning date of the service in question. The first reservation change, if possible without added expenses, will be made free of charge. For each additional change a fee of 15 Euros per change will be charged. If a reservation change is not possible and the Guest gives up the confirmed reservation, the cancellation terms listed below apply. Reservation changes for accommodations units and all other changes within 15 days of the beginning of the reservation as well as for the duration of the reservation will be considered a cancelled reservation. For fixed confirmed reservations for accommodation units, the date on which the written cancellation is received represents the basis of the calculation of costs as follows:
• for a cancelled reservation up to 15 days prior to the beginning date of the service, 30% of the total amount of the reservation • for a cancelled reservation 14-9 days prior to the beginning of the service, 50% of the total amount of the reservation • for a cancelled reservation 8 do 2 days prior to the beginning of the service, 80% of the total amount of the reservation • for a cancelled reservation 1 day prior to the beginning of the service, 100% of the total amount of the reservation

In the event that the Guest does not arrive by midnight on the beginning date of the service and did not previously inform Owner, the reservation will be cancelled and the corresponding cancellation fees will be charged according to the abovementioned terms. Should the actual costs of the cancellation exceed the above listed fees, Owner reserves the right to charge the actual costs.

9. Luggage/baggage
Owner is not responsible for lost or damaged property or stolen property or valuables kept in the accommodation unit. Lost or stolen property is reported to Owner and local police station.

10. Owner's right to changes and cancellations
Owner reserves the right to make changes regarding reservations in the event of circumstances which cannot be predicted, avoided or removed (see Article 2). A reserved accommodation unit can only be switched with prior notification by the Guest for an accommodation unit in the same category or in a higher category at the price at which the Guest confirmed the reservation. If the replacement accommodation is only possible in a unit in a higher category where the price is 15% more than the price of the paid reservation, Owner reserves the right to charge the Guest the difference and is required to consult with the Traveler. In the event that a replacement accommodation unit cannot be arranged, Owner reserves the right to cancel the reservation by first notifying the Guest no later than 7 days prior to the beginning of the service date and guarantees a full refund of the paid amount.

11. Personal information security
The Guest provides personal information of his/her own free will. Personal information is required for processing requested services. The same information shall be used for inter-communication. Ownerl is under obligation that the personal information of the Guest will not be taken out of the country or given to a third party except for the purpose of carrying out requested services. The personal information will be kept in a database in accordance with the Management's decision on the method used for collecting, processing and securing personal information. With the acceptance of these General Terms, the Guest gives permission for his/her personal information to be used for promotional offers of Owner .

12. Note
Putting down a deposit, in other words, payment in full signifies that the Guest fully comprehends and accepts the aforementioned terms.

13. Discounts
In the event of simultaneous offers, discounts cannot be combined. Discounts do not apply to last minute offers.

14. Court jurisdiction
The Guest and Owner will aim to settle possible law suits in the application of this Agreement and if an agreement cannot be reached the issue will become subject to the decision of the Crikvenica Court jurisdiction, under the authority of the laws of the Republic of Croatia.